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About RTT Specialties

RTT Specialties is a family owned, and operated machining service that delivers custom designed products that are forged with over 80 years of expert craftsmanship. We are all about creating products that are dependable, well made, and priced within everyone’s budget.RTT Specialties was created in 2014 because we wanted to find a way to make quality more affordable. Many large corporations make excellent products, but usually their prices are a whole lot more, and sometimes the quality just isn’t there. With RTT, you can be assured that one of our expert on-site machinists have taken meticulous care to craft the perfect solution for your project—every nuance is calculated with extreme precision.
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Presently, we manufacture many accessories for hunters, and shooting enthusiasts. For instance, our suppressors eliminate problematic noise distortions that commonly occur on outdoor ranges, and they do it at a fraction of the price of some of the other manufacturers out there. Our goal by offering affordable products is to enable our customer’s to equip each of their guns with its own suppressor. In addition to making accessories for guns, we also manufacture custom metal solutions designed to replace discontinued or broken pieces of hardware.

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