MG15 Laser Engraving

If you are looking to either customize your MG15 receiver to match your kit or just looking for a little extra look of authenticity look no further.  We offer the following laser engravings for MG15 receivers:

  • Default Engraving (Includes arrow)


  • Personalized (Alteration of default engraving | Includes arrow)
  • Custom (Text, Arrow, Logos)
    • Contact us at and get a quote on your custom engraving.
    • When placing an order, choose ‘Custom’ from the drop down menu and enter the agreed price into the field.
  • Arrow Only

If you are currently purchasing a MG15 receiver just add the receiver and your engraving option to the cart and your receiver will ship to you complete.  If you currently own a receiver and would like it engraved, just make your selection and finalize your purchase.  After you have completed your transaction send your receiver to the following address:

RTT Specialties
48 Belmont Ave.
Quakertown PA, 18951

All receivers sent to us to be engraved must be still in their 80% state.  If you have made any alterations or completed your receiver you must first register it with the ATF before sending it in to be engraved.  If your receiver is registered, please contact us using the contact form to discuss properly handling the receivers.



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